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14 September, 2017

Tatyana (Moscow)

I place orders abroad three or four times a year, and now I will work only with your company.



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26 June, 2020. Vladivostok

GUIGNERY Sebastien

Thanks a lot for beautiful flowers. You make happy my friend and also me :-)

Roses for loved ones
Roses for loved ones
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18 June, 2020. Moscow

Savas Sidiropoulos


15 June, 2020. Penza

Anna Teterina

Great experience! The quality of flowers and delivery was great.

Bouquet of Chrysanthemum
Bouquet of Chrysanthemum
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03 June, 2020. Kazan

Adam Littlewood

Once again Megaflowers and the Florist they work with in Kazan have done amazing work, my girlfriend absolutely loved the flowers and they look so very beautiful. This is my 4th order from Megaflowers and will be a returning customer many more times in the future

Adam Littlewood

02 June, 2020. Chelyabinsk


Amazing service, highly recommended A+++

Ice and Flames
Ice and Flames
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01 June, 2020. Nizhny Novgorod


Thank you! I always appreciate your service!!

30 May, 2020. Khabarovsk

Ken Wong

Doing it for a year

Roses for loved ones
Roses for loved ones
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26 May, 2020. Chelyabinsk


Wonderful flowers, made my girlfriend's day. Amazing service, as always: quick, responsive, reliable. Thank you.

17 May, 2020. Moscow

Hee Tae

Perfect Customer Service And Delivery My Girlfriend Was Happy Buyers of South Korea

Turkish Rose
Turkish Rose
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15 May, 2020. Moscow

Grégoire De Vivis

Perfect, as usual! :-)